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September 30, 2012
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Mantis Pony Design Auction -Closed- by Rafflon Mantis Pony Design Auction -Closed- by Rafflon
Finally finished, after....2.5 hours (I think, might be more) xD I was feeling like doing a pony hybrid....something I've never seen was browsing google for images and found one of a mantis.

So yeh, here xD Have a Mantis-pony hybrid thing...8I


- To lay a bid: First one that bids replies to MY comment, the next person replies to the highest bidder's comment. After that just reply to the comment of the highest bid.

- The most basic things: do not steal, copy or use the design unless you've won the auction and PAID for it.

- Do NOT buy the design unless you are going to USE it. Don't let it rot in your favourites.

- Don't bid points you don't have and have the points ready when I tell you to pay. If you haven't paid for 24 hours then the desgn will go to the second highest bid and if that one fails to pay it'll go to the third and so on.

- You buy the design, NOT the art. You are not allowed AT ALL to re-upload my artwork on other sites or to your gallery.

- If you don't want the design anymore you are allowed to re-sell it for the same amount you bought it for or LESS. And if you re-sell it please let me know. I might buy it back.

- You are allowed to make any changes you want. It doesn't have a cutie mark so you are free to add one.

- Do not claim you made the design! Give me credit for making it.

- I'd love to see when you draw it so please show me ^^

The Auction ends when the last bid was 3 days ago.

New owner: *Saldemonium

Art/original design/lineart (c) Me, *Rafflon
MLP:fim(c) Hasbro
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That is fricken badass
Kill it it's a mantis.
What? Just why?
DraconicSymphony Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I said it before and I'll say it again.! I'm so glad I got to stop by, even if it was for a short time. It was fun watching you working on it bro.
Thank you bro ;U; I love you bro <3 Now go finish your homework, bro xD
DraconicSymphony Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're totally welcome bro. I already did finally finish my homeworks dude muhaha
Go get some sleeep dammit xD
DraconicSymphony Oct 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I finally did. Phew, my eyes are all blood shot though heh.
That's a really badass lookin' pony Raff! :iconbadassplz:
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